Compassion, Inc’s purpose is to create a global network of self-sustaining operations to serve as education centers with an objective to raise social consciousness of humanitarian, animal, and environmental  issues.

The organization has four primary goals.

1. Establish businesses to provide a venue to train disadvantaged and unemployed individuals in the areas of hostel/hotel operations and management; restaurant operations and management; sustainable technology implementation; and animal rescue operations and management.

2. Use profits from the businesses to support animal rescues and provide medical aid, rescue, and sanctuary to abused, neglected, abandoned, and stray animals; offer low cost or free pet care to local populations; engage in mass spay and neuter operations; and provide educational programs on animal care and population control.

3. Promote a culture of environmental sustainability by using sustainable technologies; encouraging the recycling, reduction, and reuse of resources; and provide educational programs on how individuals can reduce their own environmental impact.

4. Create a paradigm shift by raising the level of social consciousness of humanitarian, animal, and environmental issues by showing how they are all interconnected, and that an impact on one results in an impact on the others.